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  • Developer License
  • Curate Article from Bing New, Google Plus, Wikipedia & Wikipedia files.
  • Save new content as post or page
  • Social Accounts Auto poster to 8 social networks including Diigo, Delicious, Facebook, LinkedIn, Livejournal, Twitter, Wordpress.com and Wordpress based blog.

So Here’s The Deal

I get it and it’s understandable. I know you don’t want to spend $67 on the upgrade to BlogFusion PRO… But I still want you to make the most out of BlogFusion and not be left behind because of a price tag.

That is why I’m giving you access to BlogFusion Ace for half the price. Now BlogFusion Ace has all the PRO features except the Clients license and ability to Schedule publishing and managing multiple social accounts.

Here’s everything you’re getting
with BlogFusion Ace

Unlimited Sites

Install on unlimited number of sites, Forever!

There is no limit on how many times you can use BlogFusion and on how many blogs.

Install and use BlogFusion on as many websites as you want, without any limited. This is a true unlimited license product.

Once you upgrade to BlogFusion PRO today, you will have the ability to use BlogFusion on as many WordPress blogs as you like, without having to worry about limited license keys or lame restrictions that which other similar tools put on you.

The plugin version that you already possess, gives you the capability to create content, optimize and monetize up to 50 websites only, and you know you’ll run out of that in no time at all.

Get the PRO and you can give any website the BlogFusion advantage

Developers License

Developer License Lets You LEGALLY Optimize & Popular Any Website With Content

BlogFusion Pro comes with developer license. That means you can recruit clients and charge to build content, optimize and monetize for their websites. There’s no limit to the number of websites you can use BlogFusion on, no limitation on how you recruit clients, and absolutely no cap on how much you can charge.

Go crazy! You will recoup 5x, maybe 10x, maybe 30x, what you invest in BlogFusion Pro in one sale!

Curate From

Bing New, Google Plus, Wikipedia & Wikipedia files:

Social Accounts Auto-Poster To 8 Social Networks

Diigo, Delicious, Facebook, LinkedIn, Livejournal, Twitter,
Wordpress.com and Wordpress based blog.

Save New Content As Post or Page

Never worry about loosing your content that you’ve created using BlogFusion

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