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How to Get Top-Dog Affiliates,
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I have a question for you:

Do you know how traffic masters like Jay Abraham, FrankKern, Ryan Deiss,
& other marketing legends drive unlimited amounts of hungry customers to any
product or content
they want, within hours?

Let me tell you…

It’s not about paying out 200% commissions.

And no, it does not involve having to ‘have a relationship’ with someone or even
having to promote their stuff first for them to promote yours.

It’s not about promising to promote your affiliates product in the future if they
promote yours.

And it’s not about kissing people’s butts or bending over backwards for them.

No, the real secret to getting hordes of heavy hitting, highly influential people
to promote their products, videos and content is far easier than most people want you to know.

And I should know, because that’s
exactly what happened to me!

Listen, I recently went from an absolute nobody, to easily getting some of the
biggest influencers in my niche to promote my products, contribute to my blogs, and
share my content with their hard earned subscribers.

Check out some of the recent big names who’ve promoted for me, even
though I’ve NEVERpromoted back for some of them first:

On top of that, I can regularly get top influencers in any niche I want to
share my content…

And 8 figure marketers to contribute free content to my blog & share
it…all with just one cold email from scratch!

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Leverage Authority is a the ONLY training in the market that teaches you how
you can get 1000s of popular and influential marketers and top-dog affiliates to
promote your products and contributing your content even when you are a
no-one in your niche.

Inside the Leverage Authority training, you’ll learn all of these secret strategies I’ve
been using successfully and start getting 100s of top-dog affiliates promote your
products and get 8-figure marketers contribute to your blog/content and
influential popular marketers recommend and share your piece of content to their audience for FREE.

My exact emails I send when approaching big JV partners cold that will get them to respond back to you and agree to promote your offers.

How to find ‘untapped’, big potential JV partners that other people in your niche might have never heard of.

How to form initial relationships with potential JVs and influencers and get on their radar quickly.

How to create lasting partnerships with major players that go beyond just a one-time promotion.

The best way to structure your affiliate page, how much commissions you should give away, how to price your product to get big JVs even interested…

How to come up with an product idea that major JVs will want to get behind

My foolproof method for not just finding the best contact address for major influencers, but making sure they have received and opened your email too

MHow to go beyond just getting JV partners, & land a mega partner that will bring on their own JVs as well

Several bulletproof ways I use to stand out in the mind of a major influencer from all the other similar product creators vying for their attention too

The correct way to structure upsells, downsells, pricing, & more so big players know immediately you’re not an amateur and will want to do business with you

You’ll get Several in-depth modules on how to write copy & evaluate copy at an expert level, something that is a must to get major players on board to do a promo

Strategic way to position your product (even if it’s exactly the same as many other product creators) to make it appear of high value and therefore, get more quality partners to promote it

And the best part about Leverage Authority is, that everything you learn inside the training can be applied to pretty much ANY NICHE you want, not just IM or Marketing.

It’s the perfect companion to:

With BlogFusion, you can find the top influencers in your niche – the people who
are most likely to share your content.

With Leverage Authority, you have the exact word-for-word methods that will help
you land strategic partnerships, lasting relationships, and the ability to tap into
their huge pools of FREE, trusting traffic, whenever you want to get attention,
leads and sales fast.


You see, Leverage Authority teaches you some of the most cutting edge
that only a select few top marketers’ use to strike up profitable
partnerships and golden connections
with the big players in your niche...and I
don’t want these techniques to be used by EVERYONE and render them useless…

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